A Honest Cab Driver

My husband and I took our RV on a road trip to Oregon.  One of our stops was McMinnville, a cute small town in the heart of Oregon Wine Country. 

This morning, we took a cab into the downtown core. Our cab driver, Eric, was friendly and was talking about the sites as we drove along the roads leading to downtown.  We stopped in front of the McMinnville Hotel.  I dug into my purse and paid the $13 fare from my money clip. I had quite a bit of cash on me because I had won the penny slots at the casino a few nights before.   I was proud of my winnings and was using it to offset our excursion into town. 

Photo Op on the Main Street

As we started to explore some of the gift shops on the main street, my phone rang.  I noticed a McMinnville number so I thought it best to answer. 

The Shopping District in Downtown McMinnville
Enjoying a glass of Chardonnay at Willamette Valley Vineyards

“ Hi, this is Eric from Super Cabs. Are you the couple that I just dropped off in front of the hotel?” he asked.  

“Yes,” I said. 

“ Are you missing some money?, he asked,  “ If so, do you know how much?”

“I’m not sure,” I said. ” I paid you from my money clip and have not been keeping track of the amount.”

“My last passenger found $30 in the back seat.  If you walk back to where I dropped you, I can meet you there and return it”, he explained. 

We quickly walked back to the spot where we were dropped off.  Sure enough, about 5 minutes later the cab pulled up and Eric returned my money. 

I must confess I was blown away.  It wasn’t a lot of money to get too concerned about.  However, returning the money took the honesty of not one but two complete strangers – Eric our cab driver and the passenger who discovered the money.  Pretty darn amazing! 

Eric had to change his driving schedule in order to return my money. He definitely has my vote for cab driver of the year.  It caused me to wonder if I would do the same thing if the situation was reversed. I certainly hope I would.

This experience has restored my belief that there are good people in the world.  I hope an opportunity for me to do the same will come my way soon.


Thank you, Eric and your unknown passenger for doing the right thing. 

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