A Plunge into the Great Outdoors


Last weekend we went camping with some friends. I now understand why people choose to sleep in tents and cook outdoors. What made this weekend special is getting to know someone a little deeper. I had the opportunity of getting past the “Hi, how are you today” syndrome and learn more about what really makes someone tick.

The cell reception was nonexistent. There were no distractions of TV or surfing the Internet. We had to make good old fashion conversation. That night at the campfire our discussion became very lively. We had families from different countries as well as different religions enjoying the warmth of the fire.

We all had different opinions on how we viewed the Bible. Some thought it a story, some thought it fact and some only recognized certain parts of it. In addition, we shared experiences from our younger days. Some had memories from their childhood Sunday school classes while others shared stories of paranormal visits.

The most amazing part of that night was how we all listened to each other and respected our differences. Everyone had his or her say without interruption. The brighter the campfire became the more we felt each other’s acceptance.

True friends may not always have the same belief system or the same upbringing. However, a true friend will respect and accept you for the way you are.

The next morning, I woke up and helped one of my newfound friends with the dishes and packing up the campsite. This opportunity would have never of happened if I’d been stuck indoors glued to my laptop.

Hurray for taking the plunge into the great outdoors. It gave me the freedom to get to know someone a little deeper.

Why don’t you give it a try?





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