A Sense of Belonging

Icicle Creek is a Pretty Spot

Wagons Ho!

My husband and I are members of an RV club. The club hosts rallies during the season at local campgrounds. Often, a group of us will caravan to our destination. There is always a “Wagon Master.” The Wagon Master ensures that everyone arrives safely. We all drive our rigs behind the Wagon Master keeping a watchful eye for one another as we climb the mountain passes.

Once we arrive, the Rally Master takes over. The Rally Master plans and organizes the weekend events. We always share delicious meals and often will go off with others for a day’s adventure. I always enjoy the Pegs and Jokers that we play after dinner. Everyone is always talking about there next RV spot or the newest rig that is available.

On this particular weekend, we arrived at our spot and set up camp. We were getting ready to go to our potluck when I noticed that our name badges were missing. I looked all over our RV. They were simply nowhere to be found.

“ Oh well, we will have to go without them,” I thought to myself. “What does it matter?”

As we were gathering with our fellow club members in the dining hall, I observed that we were the only couple without a name badge. As we started to enjoy our meal, Michelle the president came over with new name badges. We thanked her and put them on.

I immediately felt relieved. Now, people would be able to recognize us and know where our home base is.

I realized that having a name badge gave me a sense of belonging. There is comfort in belonging to a group. For some, it’s church, a service club or a sport’s team. Others like to take classes or join hobby groups.

Studies have shown, that we humans benefit from being social. To congregate with others with similar interests is fun. I have learned a lot about using our RV and where the best place is to camp. I also have made several new friends.

Go out and find some group of interest to join. It’s a great way to expand your knowledge and meet new people.

Wagon’s Ho. – Next Stop Harmony Lake.








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