A Walk in the Woods

Always up for a walk

This morning we decided to skip church and go for a walk in the woods. We started early as the weatherman promised a warm afternoon. We are fortunate to be within walking distance from Dash Point State Park.  

The trail is densely covered with fir trees, ferns and the like. The path is easy and we very rarely meet up with any other hikers. It’s magical how the sun tries to sneak through the openings of the dense forest. 

Lot’s of variety of forest foliage

As always, my mind is racing. My to do list is continually spinning in my head. What do I have to accomplish today, next week or next year? My best think time is when I am outside enjoying nature. Today was no exception.  As I fell into a steady walking rhythm, my thoughts slowed down. I started to concentrate on the different forest shrubberies that were along the route. Suddenly, I was a world away from all  of my numerous tasks and anxieties.  

As we headed back, I decided that this is a break that I should take more often. I also came to the conclusion that rather than be overwhelmed by the never ending to do list. I would simply list my top three tasks. Complete them and move to the next three. 

My walk left me relaxed and refreshed  That to do list will always be waiting.  It’s perfectly fine to put a hold on the list.  It was good for me to slow down and put a priority on what needs to be done.  

Most important is the lift my walk gave me.  It’s more enjoyable to be out in the woods than worrying about watering your lawn.   That can wait.

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