Added Value


A while back, my husband and I purchased my son a bedroom set from IKEA.  If you know anything about IKEA is that most of the store’s furniture comes unassembled.  The instructions often come in different languages and lose meaning in the English translation.  We took the boxes home and got busy putting together the new furniture.

Once we had the drawers, headboard, and mirror assembled, we had several small parts left over.   We could not figure out where those “extra” parts went.  Therefore, we assumed that those little parts were not needed in the first place.   A few days later, we had trouble putting back the top drawer of the dresser.  Guess what?   We were missing the bolt that helped glide the drawer into its’ spot.  We did need that part after all.

Being part of a community is very similar.  Some people place a greater value on those people or positions that are more visible such as the mayor, chief of police, the Pastor, or the college professor.   But the truth is everyone is valuable.

I believe that God has enabled us all to do different things.  Maybe we are not in the limelight of the community, but we are each given some type of ability to contribute to the community.  Can you imagine what would happen to our society if we had no plumbers, dishwashers or telephone repairmen?

Each and every one of us has something of value to give back to society, our friends and our family.  What talent or ability is yours to contribute today?


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