Always a Mom


Safely to the Shore

The pull of the tide.

The pull of the tide.

Here I am in what I think is one of the most beautiful places to vacation – the island of Maui, Hawaii. I’m all set. – Sunglasses, suntan lotion, and a great book. I walk out of our condominium onto the lovely sandy beach. My grown boys are with me. They drop off their shoes, take their boogie boards and run crashing into the afternoon waves. I settle in with my book.

“Perfection,” I think to myself.

Rather than focus on my book, I watch my sons play in the waves. They were laughing and splashing like the little children they once were. The next thing I know, the cross current is pulling them sideways down the beach. I watch as the tide pulls them faster and faster down the beach.

It was in that moment of worry, that I realized that I would always be their
mother. I will always be concerned for their welfare, happiness, and success. I could not allow myself to focus on my own enjoyment until I knew they were safe.

Fortunately, there was very little drama as they floated down to the seawall and climbed the stairs back up to the beach. Still, I was relieved to see them come ashore.

I think about my own 94-year-old mother who told me on my last visit that she doesn’t want me riding the bus at night, or how she still offers me her sweater when I am cold. I am grateful, after all these years, to still feel her love for me as a child. Caring does not stop with age.

Although my adult sons will never admit it, I know they appreciate and value the concern I have for them.

Motherhood cannot be taken away from you.   Whatever the age of my children, I have the opportunity to uplift and encourage them each and every day. My own Mom does the same with me.

The circle goes on. How wonderful is that?



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