Asking for Help



One winter day I participated in a cross-country ski lesson. As the group started skiing, I tried to push-off as the instructor had shown us only to slip and fall. I finally got going but was constantly slipping, sliding and falling down. I could not keep up with the group and quickly became frustrated, wet, cold and sore. Yet instead of asking for help, I got back up and tried again and again. Finally, the instructor noticed that I had fallen behind and came to help me. He took one look at my skis and said, “Here’s your problem. These skis need to be waxed. Here, I have some wax with me.” After he waxed my skis, I easily skied up to the rest of the group.
Later I asked myself, “Why didn’t you ask for help?’ I concluded that pride made me try to manage on my own. Yet, because I had no I needed the instructor’s help even to know what the problem was.
In my life, I often catch myself trying to do things on my own. I am not without resources; I have a wonderful family and loving friends. More importantly, I have a strong faith in God. I need to remind myself to reach out to friends and family when I need support. I need to rely on my faith and ask God for help more often.
The next time you find yourself in the need of assistance; don’t let your pride get in the way. Ask for help – it keeps us humble. Remember to ask God for help as well.
Life is so much better when we can rely on others.


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