Be an Encourager

Trombone Player

With so many people in the world telling us we can’t succeed, we need to hear people telling us we can. I remember my piano teacher telling me that I would never be able to “make the cut” getting accepted into the University of Victoria School of Music

I almost didn’t audition. However, my band teacher told me that I would have a better chance of auditioning playing my trombone rather that piano. It was less competitive. He said, “If you get in, then you go. You can do it.” His words of encouragement made all the difference. He also gave up several afternoons to prepare me for my audition. I auditioned and was accepted.

Too often we think it’s our role to inject a dose of “reality” into someone’s life. We think it’s our job to protect people from the pain of failure and defeat. We think we must point out how bad the economy is and how horrible the job market is.

I say enough’s enough. The world needs more optimists, encouragers, and inspirers rather than pessimists or “realists”.

When it comes to encouragement I know that every one of us loves working for and with people who bring out the best in us. We love being around people who uplift us and make us feel great.

Today, I want to encourage you to be an encourager. So often the difference between success and failure is belief. And so often that belief is instilled in us by someone who encouraged us.

Today decide to be the person who instills a positive belief in someone who needs to hear your encouraging words. Uplift someone who is feeling down. Focus on what is possible rather than what seems impossible.






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  1. Sue Bedford says:

    Thanks for those very good words Jan. You have inspired me and I am going to focus more on being an encourager.

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