Creating Memories

Have you ever stopped to think that the experiences you have today are the memories of tomorrow? Last night, we went out to celebrate a birthday with our close friends Don and Pam. We took many pictures. Why? So we can memorialize the moment. It was a special time for us all and we did not want it to end.

When you talk to people who have led full and happy lives it is usually because of the memories they have. My mom is 94 years old. She still speaks fondly of her travels to South Africa, or the time she met the Queen or the time she participated in the Calgary Stampede. She recalls the time she mistakenly put a cup of salt in a batch of cookies thinking it was sugar.  She laughs when she recalls her grandson, Geoff’s face when he took the first bite.  Her memories are all full of humor and vivid details.

Our ability to recall is amazing. Our minds can retrace a walking route, remember what color Dorothy dress was and know exactly what spot we picnicked at last summer.

I challenge you to go through your day as if you are watching a movie that you are the star of. Make your encounters with people matter. Appreciate the token gift a friend gives you from her latest trip. Enjoy the scenic path down to the lake.

The movies I make today will be my memories of tomorrow. I want to recall the people who are close to me and the moments of the day that have given me great joy.

“Lights, camera, action”








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