Eat Dessert First


When I was young, my family would often go to The Wild West Buffet after church. Typically several families would meet there to catch up on the week’s news. Often, my Uncle Rick would join us. Uncle Rick would always take his pie or cake and line it up next to his plate before he would eat his meal. As he waited for others to join him, he would often eat a bite of cake. My mom would scold him telling him that he would ruin his appetite if he ate dessert first. He responded by stating that he always would have room for dessert if he ate it prior to his main course.

As a little girl, I never had any problem fitting a little dessert into my stomach no matter how much I had eaten. Sweets were too good to pass up. However, as I have grown older sometimes I omit dessert because I am full or I simply don’t want to add the extra calories to my diet.

Isn’t this what we do with our life sometimes? We wake up every morning. We get ready for work, clean the house, take out the trash, cook dinner and before we know it the entire day is gone. We have not saved room for the most satisfying part: time to thank God for our blessings, time to visit with our neighbor, time to talk with our family.
I challenge you to put whatever your “dessert” is first in your life.



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  1. Gerry says:

    Does chocolate count?

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