Giving is Good For You

Some people think that, by giving, they’re doing someone else a favor. In fact, they’re doing themselves a favor. Yes, giving of our time, talent, and even treasure is good for us.

There’s even scientific proof that people who give experience what’s called “the helpers high.” Researchers in many diverse fields have identified a physical biology of giving and positive emotions, a sense of warmth and joy in life. People even report feeling increased energy.

Does that mean that givers may even experience improved physical health? Yes, according to the president of the American Geriatric Society. She states, “Older patients who stay engaged in volunteer activities remain more vital and independent that those who withdraw from the world. We know people who volunteer tend to feel better and even have longer lives.”

Giving money also benefits the giver. In one study, one group was given money to spend on themselves and the other was given money to spend on other people. Participants who were randomly assigned to spend money on other people experienced great happiness than those assigned to spend money on themselves.

The Apostle Paul says that God loves a cheerful giver; he may even be saying that God created us to be givers because it would make us happy?
What do you have to give? – TIME, TALENT and maybe even some TREASURE.


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