Go Ahead and Dream- It’s good for you!

Enjoying a weekend Getaway.

I don’t think this garden will feed the neighborhood.

I subscribe to two very different magazines. The first one is Mother Earth, which is about gardening and homesteading. The second one is Motor Coaching, which describes the lifestyle of living in an RV. Those who know me know that I live in a typical house in a typical neighborhood located in suburbia.

Why would I want to spend my precious leisure time reading on subjects that are far removed from my daily life?

The answer is very clear. It allows me to dream. One of my fantasies is to be able to grow all the food that I consume. I imagine myself with a huge garden and not only being able to provide for my family but also being able to support my neighbors with the excess.  In addition, I envision my future home as “being off the grid”. I have done a lot of reading on solar panels and propane appliances.

My other desire is to live full-time in a big honking RV, like the 40-foot diesel, pushers that slow you down on the highway. I imagine myself roaming from state to state, spending weeks or months visiting various points of interest. I have even looked into what it takes to become a state campground host. Heck, I might as well earn some income along the way.

When does a dream or a desire become a reality? I may not be a gardener or a full-time RV’er yet. However, I do have a small vegetable patch in my side yard. Every year I add a new growing barrel to increase its yield.

As for the RV, my husband and I enjoy going out on weekends in our cozy 23-foot motorhome. It’s not roaming the “lower 49,” but it does give me a taste of what is yet to come.

Foster and nourish your dreams. Every time you do, you are one step closer to making them a reality.

See you at the local farmer’s market soon!

Enjoying a weekend Getaway.

I don’t think this garden will feed the neighborhood.




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  1. Gerry says:

    Ya think the garden will ever turn into a cash crop.

  2. Hi Jan! Just wanted to say hey. Congrats on your win at Toastmasters tonight!

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