Going To The Zoo -It’s Never Too Late

This was on my bucket list

This was on my bucket list

When my kids were young, I was a busy working mother. Always, juggling my hectic work schedule with pick-ups and drop-offs at the school or scout meetings. Back then, I worked on commission. To take a day off would often mean forfeiting a deal to someone else who was on the sales floor. Pile this dilemma on to the fact that my finances were always stressed to the max. We as a family did not travel or go anywhere extravagant.

Flash forward to the present. My precious little boys are now grown men living on their own. I have a good career that allows me to have a little more income to enjoy some of life’s pleasures. To make up for lost time, I planned a family trip to Palm Springs. A week away from the Pacific Northwest will do us all some good I reasoned.

Our very first adventure was a trip to the Living Desert Zoo. It was the perfect day. The weather was great with hardly any crowds in the park. We had the best time. The giraffes were close to the viewing platform, the warthogs were grunting like they should and the wolves were visible in their large pen. I even rode a camel!

We walked into the petting zoo. (Yes, my boys and I went to the petting zoo meant for small children). We squatted on the ground and looked those baby goats in the eye.

As we were leaving, one of my sons asked me, “Mom, did you really think you would be finding yourself going to a zoo with your two grown children?”

The question caused me to stop and think. No, this wonderful day was not something I planned for. I am grateful that I can still enjoy a day with my family. It was fun to pretend we were all young again.

It is never too late; you can always go to the zoo with your not so little children. What do you want to do with your family that you did not have the time or resources years ago?

We’re goin’ to the zoo, zoo, zoo

How about you, you, you?

You can come too, too, too

We’re goin’ to the zoo, zoo, zoo*

*Peter, Paul and Mary

You are never too old to spend time with a goat.

You are never too old to spend time with a goat.

Love these boys.

Love these boys.






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