Good Health is not to be taken for granted.

Move over Max, I want my feet up!

A week before Christmas I woke up one morning with crippling pain in my right leg.  It didn’t feel good the night before but I thought a good night’s sleep on a heating pad would make it go away.  I ended up in urgent care being wheeled around by Judy the RN on duty.  My diagnosis was Sciatica, a problem with nerve pain that travels down the leg.  The doctor prescribed me some muscle relaxers.  Told me it would get better in time and sent me on my way. 

For the next week, every time I walked or stood for a short time my leg started to throb. It was frustrating as I tried to keep to my daily routine.  I couldn’t do my morning exercise.  The simple task of walking downstairs to get coffee was painful. We went to the mall, to see a movie and it took a great effort to walk up to the ticket booth. My eyes started to tear up from the pain.  We canceled our trip to Victoria because I was unable to walk any reasonable distance. 

 Currently, it is New Years Day and I am sitting in my comfy recliner chair with my feet up. Feeling a little better, I started to think about my situation. It is extremely easy to go to a place of feeling sorry for myself. I pushed through my emotions and asked myself –  What did I learn from this? 

Mobility is something I presumed I always would have.  Up until now,  I was consistently on the move. I found it difficult to sit still for any length of time. I would run up the stairs taking two steps at a time.  My daily routine comprised of thirty minutes of stationary biking in the morning and a thirty-minute walk after dinner. 

I know my inability to move freely will be short term.  As my leg continues to get stronger I will remind myself that this disability is small compared to what other people have to endure.   Furthermore, when I look back at this next year, I will simply view it as a short few weeks of discomfort. 

Most importantly, it will help me remember to be grateful every time I use the stairs or walk to the store.  I will never take being able to walk for granted again.

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