Here and Now

Enjoy what you have.

Lately, I have been doing a great deal of planning for the future. In the next few years, we plan to retire and will have more time to spend traveling. My husband and I have spent many a weekend shopping for an RV. We have driven countless miles off the beaten path only to find the advertised RV was a lot dirtier and had more things wrong than stated in the advertisement.

I have also spent several hours reviewing our household budget. I want to ensure that we have enough money for the future. What happens if the fridge breaks down, or the furnace needs to be replaced? I carefully rework my spreadsheet formula to allow for these contingencies. 

The other night we were watching people on TV line up at the local Costco to buy supplies for the pending hurricane. Although this is not a threat in our area, I felt the need to make a supply list and stock up my food pantry just in case. 

I think preparing for the future is a smart thing to do. One does not want to be caught being short of money. It is also important to have some supplies on hand in the event of an emergency.

However, there comes a point when you can be so focused about preparing for the future you do not leave enough time to enjoy the present. Instead of spending all of my weekend time shopping for an RV, I could have been out enjoying the state park in the RV we already have. 

As for money, you cannot always predict when an unforeseen expense is going to happen. Spending time fretting about it takes away from the small things you can enjoy right now.  I do enjoy the occasional latte.

Finally, by all means, have a disaster plan for your family. However, don’t allow that to take precedence over the glorious summer day that is upon you right now.

I have decided to focus more on the here and now.  I will make more of an effort to trust that I planned for the future. I also need to realize that I can not control everything.  I need faith that things will work out. 

Live in the Here and Now
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  1. Jane slabaugh says:

    I love retirement! Every day is a gift! I love planning one weekend a month to take off a week and camp. We bought a new RV so we wouldn’t have repairs right away. We hate the cold so winters are fabulous in Florida! Hope we have lots of them!

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