How do you eat an elephant?

Elephant One Bite at a timeI

I am always encouraging my staff and my family to set goals and expectations for themselves. As we approach another year, it’s never too late to start. Remember to keep resolutions simple, tangible and measurable. For example, simple might mean calling your family once a week. Here are some tips that can help us for this year.

Leave the past behind
Refrain from adopting old resolutions to prevent past regrets from following you into the future. Instead, redefine failed goals. If “lose weight” didn’t work last year, consider the new approaches of “eat healthier” or “exercise five days a week”

Stay positive
Swearing off bad habits such as “I will never bite my nails again” only emphasizes the forbidden behavior. For better results, cast resolutions in a flattering light and vow to “Take better care of my hands and nails”

Shorten the deadline
Recent research found 80 percent of people don’t keep their resolution past Valentine’s Day. Maintain yours until July 1 and you will have accomplished more than most. We’re betting the buzz you get from successfully making reaching the six-month mark will carry you the rest of the year.

The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

Happy New Year


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