In Your Own Backyard

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My husband and I have spent the last couple of weeks traveling enjoying our RV. We have been to California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia

The last leg of our trip was to come north and see family in Victoria before I had to go back to work. I knew once I went back to work there would be no time for another trip.

We only had a couple of nights left to stay in the RV. I picked up the yellow pages. Yes, the yellow pages, because when you travel in Canada, the Internet is pretty spotty. I convinced my husband to drive out to Weir beach in Metchosin. It was way out-of-town on a curvy road. I kept thinking to myself I hope it is worth it

Once we drove up to the spot, I knew it was worth the drive. It was simply gorgeous with our campsite a few feet from the Pacific Ocean. We could see the beach for several miles and watch the cargo ships go by.

This caused me to stop and think. We had just spent a couple of weeks driving over 2400 miles to see something beautiful. At yet, right close to where we live was the most perfect spot of all of our vacation.

Isn’t this true of life? Sometimes we look and travel far and wide for that perfect spot, perfect activity, or perfect situation. At yet, most often, it is not far away. Often, it is right under our noses.

The next time I am tempted to travel over 2500 miles, I will stop and see if there is not a paradise closer. The next time, I am seeking a complex solution to a basic problem; I will stop and look for a simpler way. After all, most of our answers are close at hand if we simply pay attention.

“Sometimes letting go is the best solution”

Mahsati Abdul


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