I, like most people, turn to the Internet when I want to research a subject. Whether I’m looking to buy a new TV or trying to figure out the best camping spot, the information is readily available. 

In addition, there is a host of discussion groups you can join. How to invest in real estate, the best places to retire, the best way to travel, the best RV to purchase are just a few that I find myself drawn to. Everyone wants to give you his or her opinion. And to my despair, no two opinions are the same.

Currently, I am faced with some major life decisions. I have decided to look for a new car. In addition, I have started the first stages of downsizing my home as I prepare to move into the next phase of my life. Where will I live? What will I do?

I must confess that I have spent countless hours visiting web sites and reading multiple articles that often give conflicting advice. Furthermore, as of this date, I am no closer to taking any action. I often wish I had the courage of my younger days when I thought nothing of climbing up to the high diving board and jumping off.

My problem is information overload. Some would also call it analysis paralysis. I’ve spent so much time gathering my Intel that I feel overwhelmed. This places me in a mindset of indecision. 

What I need to do is close up the laptop and stop looking for others to make choices for me. It’s time that I listen to my inner self as to what I really want. It’s not wrong to consider the advice of others, but I need to be able to put those recommendations in perspective and have the resolve to make an informed decision.

The next time you are tempted to overthink or anguish for a long period of time about a decision, stop and ask yourself, what do you really want? Maybe it is time to simply high dive into the pool.

Lot’s of planning time when we vacation.

Courage is the decision to try- Go for it.

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