Just Say Yes

Did I say that great singer was Elvis?

Did I say that great singer was Elvis?

Sometimes the best experiences happen because you simply say yes. Those who are committed planners or are used to having their leisure time preset might find what I have to share a little difficult to apply.

This week, my son called me and asked me to meet him for happy hour in ten minutes at the local pub. I quickly called the rest of my clan and off we went. We laughed with each other and devoured delicious $2 tacos all while watching the latest soccer game.

Next evening, after a very structured meeting, I was invited to go with some of my club members to a music trivia night. This was a great opportunity to get to know some of my club friends better. I had no idea that Tim worked for Microsoft. We also had a great time competing to remember the lyrics of pop tunes.

On the weekend, our local neighborhood had a picnic in the park. I was tempted to say let’s not go as my laundry hamper was overflowing. However, we walked over thinking we were just going to have a quick hot dog and get back to the weekend chores. It turned out to be a three-hour lunch. I played, ladder ball with my grown sons. (Who just showed up!) I listened to a great band and visited with several of our neighbors. This wonderful afternoon wrapped up with our table taking five prizes in bingo.

It would have been very easy to decline all of the invitations that were extended to me this week. I could have used excuses like, I need more notice, I’m not dressed or I am too tired. The good news is that I said yes.

Saying yes, allowed me to enjoy some amazing food, spend time with my friends and family and learn some new games. It made what could have been a dull week exciting and gave me a sense of belonging.




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  1. Gerry says:

    Great post! And a great reminder to be open and positive.

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