Just Say Yes

A selfie right across from our campsite.

Our Pop-up is a great way to enjoy a warm day.

Often when we camp, we put up a canvas pop-up. On this particular trip, I asked my husband, Gerry, to put up the pop-up so I could sit outside and read in the shade. I came out to help him. For whatever reason, we could not get the retractable legs to move. As we were struggling, a couple walked by.

“Do you need some help?” The women asked.

“No, I think we got this,” I replied.

We struggled for another 10 minutes and finally got the awning legs to snap in place.

“Maybe we should have let them help.” My husband said. “It would have been a lot quicker.”

As we were settling into our comfy chairs, we started to watch the couple next to us take down their awning that was attached to their small trailer. They were getting ready to head back to town. The metal arms of the awning would not move to release it back into its case.

Gerry went over and asked. “Do you need some help? “

“Yes, that would be great. “ The man said. “ We have never done this before.”

Between the two of them pushing and pulling the leavers, they finally got it to slide back into its closed position.  He and his wife thanked us and were on their way.

Why is it when we are offered help, our first impulse is to say no?   Are we embarrassed or simply too proud to admit we can’t do it ourselves?

When we helped our neighbor, it felt good. He was extremely glad we came over. He could have been struggling for hours if he would not have accepted Gerry’s offer.

The next time someone stops and offers you help in a task that you are struggling with simply say yes.  You will get the job completed in no time. Moreover, the giver also gets the satisfaction of helping someone in need. Being kind is and being able to accept kindness makes everyone feel like the world is a better place.


A selfie right across from our campsite.


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