Keep a Positive Mindset

I enjoy the path around our lake.

Well, it’s no secret that the world we knew a few months ago has drastically changed. My son, a few moments ago, dropped off some much-needed supplies for my retirement communities. Actually, he found me some hand sanitizer made by a local distillery. Something that is in short supply   He stayed at the bottom of the steps coming up to our front door.  We joked about social distancing and how he scored this hand sanitizer when all of the local stores are sold out. 

Earlier today my husband and I went to Fred Meyers. I needed laundry soap. Well, guess what?  The shelves were bare. I’ve read about toilet paper shortages. But, no laundry soap?  Really? 

This is the toilet paper section at Fred Meyers

This afternoon I turned on the television.  I channel surfed only to find that every fourth channel was reporting on the COVID outbreak. 

I have always been a person who is regimented.  I get up at the same time each day. I work out for precisely thirty minutes in the morning and then I get dressed. I eat exactly one and a half scrambled eggs and then I drive off to work. In the evenings, I sometimes enjoy a glass of Chardonnay, go for a walk, and spend about half an hour playing my piano. For me having a set routine gives me a sense of security. 

I am now dividing my time between the office and working from home.  As you might guess, this has disrupted my daily routine. I’ve skipped several of my daily workouts this week as well as overslept my usual 5:45 morning alarm.  My occasional evening glass of Chardonnay has suddenly become a necessity right when I get in the door.  The news has taken away my desire to enjoy my piano or spend time walking around the lake. All of this has left me feeling tired and unproductive. 

Enough, I thought to myself.  Please understand, I’m not saying the rapid spread of this virus is not serious.  From what I can tell, this pandemic will be around for a few more months.  That being said, I need to figure out a way to stay informed and also be able to keep a positive mindset. My days go better if I follow a routine.  I understand that some of my activities have been curtailed because of the current quarantine restrictions. Nonetheless, there is nothing stopping me from creating a routine that works within the limitations. 

Therefore, this week I will get out of bed when the alarm rings and ride my recumbent bike.  I will allow myself to enjoy some time at the piano each night. I will save my Chardonnay for special days and weather permitting, I will take pleasure in my evening walks. 

The Canadian Geese are enjoying the evening.

Above all,  I will be grateful for my health and family in these uncertain times. I also will give thanks to my healthcare friends and colleagues who risk their own well-being while they help others.

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