Lessons of Courage from my Lanai

Look at him lean into the wave

Enjoying another beautiful Kona morning as I sip coffee from the comfort of my lanai. My group of surfers has been in the water since sunrise. They make surfing look so effortless. Some of the group are so far out in the water they look like tiny coke bottles bobbing in the sea. It is not until they come closer that I can see their bodies balancing carefully on their boards.

It amazes me what courage these people have. Now, I know nothing about surfing.However, I do know that it takes courage to swim out to the rolling surf. You would have to be unafraid of the undercurrent or the fact that you could be pulled into the wave. You also would have to be ready for a sudden shift in the wind and accept the fact that you miss calculated the timing of the incoming breaker. Splash – in the water you go.

I am sure a good surfer will tell you that you overcome your fear with practice. The constant repetition would strengthen your ability to calculate your timing. Like most sports, surfing is one you have to learn by trial and error.

The surfers are small dots behind me on the horizon.

Courage, just like what these surfers have takes time. I am sure that these surfers did not get up this morning and blindly go into the water. They have been working on their craft for a long time.


You may need courage for your next speech contest, your next yoga class, your next musical performance or your next sales presentation. I am sure most tasks that you do you have done many times before. This is the practical practice that gives you courage. – Rely on it!

Don’t worry – You have got this.

This guy knows no fear.












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