Lessons from a Bus Ride

Number 28 is the bus I take.

Number 28 is the bus I take.

It's a diverse group of people who ride the bus.

It’s a diverse group of people who ride the bus.


When I travel to Victoria, I ride the city bus. It is a fast and efficient way to get to my Mom’s from the ferry. I often sit in the back of the bus and observe the riders. It is a diverse group of people who use the transit system.

I first noticed two elderly ladies sitting together. They were happily chatting about their trip to the grocery store and comparing the price of chicken. You could tell they had been friends for years as they often completed each other sentences. Long-term friendship is what anyone would want.

We stopped at the mall and an elderly gentleman got on. I noticed that a young man dressed in a hockey shirt quickly got up and gave him his seat. Kindness that’s something to strive for.

Across from me, there were two gentlemen sitting together, not saying a word. You can tell that the man sitting on the outside was annoyed because he didn’t have enough room to sit comfortably. When we went around a corner he would hang on tight to the pole as to not fall out of his seat. Tolerance is what was needed here.

Finally, I saw a portly gentleman standing in the aisle. His coat was ripped. His shoes were worn. He was also in need of a good barber. People were going around him as he had a strong odor. Compassion was what was lacking here.

When I arrived at my Mom’s house. I took a minute to reflect on my ride and what I observed. I saw what I wanted out of life and what I could be better at. I learned a lot on that 20-minute bus ride.

Friendship, Kindness, Tolerance, and Compassion.

What time does the next bus leave?





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