Lessons From New Flooring

This weekend we had our living room and family room floors replaced. It was quite a job. The old laminate flooring had to be torn out before the new luxury vinyl tile could be installed. 

Our installers were a young couple. They worked two – eighteen hour days to get it completed. Connie took several calls from her young children as she nailed the baseboards back in place. I finally made them take a break by offering them dinner. They stopped, consumed their plate of lasagna and kept working on. They didn’t leave our house until 9 pm that night. The next day they were back at it before I had the breakfast dishes put away.

This couple took the definition of hard working to another level.  I would never consider myself lazy. However, I do not have the stamina or the drive to complete a task like this couple has. Not only did they finish the job, they finished the job with pride.  Their workmanship was outstanding. Diego proudly snapped a picture before he left that night.

What motivates you to get out of bed every morning and start your day? Is it the satisfaction of getting a task completed?  Is it the paycheck you receive every couple of weeks? Do you have family depending on you for their basic living essentials? Do you enjoy the satisfaction of seeing a completed project after a hard day of work?

My take away from watching this couple is that hard work is non-surprisingly what? Hard! Nevertheless, when you find yourself exhausted after a long day, stop and realize that working at your full capacity does bring results. 

My lovely new flooring is proof of this couple’s amazing worth ethic. I am inspired  to work to my fullest capacity to obtain outstanding results.

What would life be like if everyone you came in contact with were functioning at his or her highest capacity?

The result of hard work.
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  1. Gary Worrell says:

    They are hard workers. Looks nice.

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