Let there be Light

Look past the trees to see the light.

We have all heard the quote, “ Let there be Light” from the first book of the Bible, Genesis. Several great orators over the years have delivered many a message on their interpretation of what this quote means.

This morning my husband and I took a walk in Dash Point State Park. It is an easy walk through a shaded wooded trail. I couldn’t help but notice how the Sun tried to shine through the massive trees. At some point along the walk, the light was peaking through the treetops. When the trail widened, the light shone directly on the ferns close to the ground.

The light comes right down to the path that we were taking.

How do you let light into your life? I would surmise that it rarely comes in the form of a lightning bolt that would knock you to the ground. It probably comes in subtle ways much like the light on the trail this morning, I equate light to happiness or a better word might be contentment.

Happiness comes in different forms. It may come to us by sharing a meal with a friend, or taking a drive in the country, or simply reading a good book. In addition, it might be present in the satisfaction of a job well done after a hard days work

My point is that light, happiness or contentment is always around you. You have to be open to receiving it in small ways. It only takes a small crack in a door to let a little light through. Just like my walk in the forest, the sun shone through. All I had to do was look for it.

PJ was tired after our walk this morning.




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