Light up the Darkness

Living in the Pacific Northwest has its challenges. This year particularly, I find myself struggling with the lack of sunlight. I refuse to call my problem SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Labeling it “The Winter Blues” is enough. We have received record rainfall this December. I get up in the dark. Drive to work in the dark and come home in the dark. The other day, I almost missed the turn into my driveway due to poor visibility from the heavy rain.

This afternoon, the sun came out for a few moments. My husband and I jumped in the car, stopped and grabbed a hot cup of Starbucks on the way to Dash Point Park. We stood and watched the waves crash on the shoreline. How good it was to get outside for a few moments.

Needless to say, my sunlight moment was short-lived. Daylight was closing in as we started back up the hill. I felt that my attempt to lighten my winter mood had failed.

Once we returned home, I lit a fire and turned on the Christmas lights. As I looked around my warm and cozy home, I felt content. The very darkness that made me feel blue an hour ago is the same darkness that causes my lights to sparkle and shine.

I came to the realization that darkness has a purpose. Night has a purpose. Some things simply shine brighter and bigger in the darkness.

As the next few days draw to a close, I will strive to look for things that illuminate the darkness. There are other types of light beside sunlight. I simply have to find it.

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.”

Anne Frank


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2 Responses to Light up the Darkness

  1. Lynne D says:

    When I was really little my dad used to tell me to not fear darkness. Because darkness can cause ones mind to run away. He said to instead find the comfort in darkness, embrace it and continue to go do what gives happiness , because happiness is still there even in darkness. You just might have to look a little harder!!
    Merry Christmas Jan!!!

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