Little by Little

There are all sorts of great tips on creating a daily routine. Several books have been written on how being consistent with one small task every day can lead to long-term results. I whole-heartedly believe that setting a goal and then breaking it into small daily tasks will allow you to achieve your objective. 

For the last couple of years, I have created my own exercise routine. Five mornings a week I get up at 5:45 and ride my recumbent bike for 30 minutes. I use arm weights while I ride. What I have noticed is my arms are toned and my core is stronger. In addition, I have managed to maintain an acceptable body weight. 

I always have had the desire to improve my piano technique. I would love to be able to float over the keys quickly and accurately. I made a conscious decision this past month to give up surfing the Internet after dinner. Now, I go downstairs and play the piano for 30 minutes. I am systematically working through Boris Berlin’s Essential Daily Exercises for the Piano. Then, I spend the rest of my practice time working out of  The Royal Conservatory of Music Piano Repertoire Book. 

 I must confess that I am nowhere near achieving my goal of improving my piano technique. It is going to take me years to attain a level of performance that professional pianists have. However, I have noticed a little more speed and flexibility as I play my etudes. 

My left-hand needs a lot of practice.

Making a daily habit is a decision. Furthermore, it requires you to give up something.  In order to exercise, I gave up sleeping in.  To make time for my piano practice, I gave up surfing the Internet after dinner. 

I also admit there are some mornings that I skip my exercise. I simply can’t get my lazy body out of bed. In addition, some nights I come home late and don’t have the focus to read the musical notes on the page. 

Most importantly, I keep at it. If I miss a day, I try not to be too hard on myself.   I make a point of getting back to my routine the next day. I know that little by little my daily routine will pay off in the end.

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