Look under the surface

Nothing is like it seems

Every day after work I always take the same route home. Typically I keep my eyes on the road and concentrate on the cars around me. The other day, I took time to look beyond the cars and the front yards of the houses I passed. I looked at what lay behind them. I was surprised to see rose gardens and gazebos that I failed to notice before, as well as garages, shops and even a trash pile that wasn’t readily obvious.

Reflecting on this, I realized that usually, I look only at the surface of both places and people. I judge by outward appearances, often not taking time to look behind the exterior.  We need to see more than the obvious. We need to recognize “flower beds” in lives that are deemed ugly.

Too often we do not see what lies in the “backyards” of other people. But, when we strive to look closely at the people we meet, we will notice what is under the surface. Under the surface is where a person’s heart and soul are.

With the next person you encounter, strive to see their “hidden worth”. It will set the tone for new friendships and meaningful conversations.


Don’t miss out.




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