Make your garden grow.


Each spring, no matter how busy my schedule, I take the time to plant flower baskets in my yard.   Each basket is strategically placed for optimum sun and viewing. I carefully water them every other day. I also fertilize them a couple of times a month.

As the days grow longer, I enjoy going outside each evening after my workday to care for my baskets. It’s crazy, but this is a routine that I strictly follow. As I am watering, I let my mind wander.

I am cautious not to call it meditation. However, this simple act slows my heart rate and relieves my stress. I recall memories of my mother working in her garden or the time I tilled a quarter of an acre vegetable garden when I lived up North. I think about the beauty of nature and how each time I water my flowers they flourish even more.

Silly you might think? I say no. This simple task maintains my sense of calm. It reminds me to keep a balanced life and that I can contribute beauty to our world.

Go ahead and grab that watering can. Make your garden grow!




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