Missed Opportunity

Unknown-1The other day, I was busy cleaning one of our rentals and suddenly found myself very hungry. I did not think to pack a lunch so I hopped in the car and drove to the local Subway. The place was not very busy when I walked in. There was one gal at the till helping a family. It seemed to take a long time to ring in their order.

“Oh good,” I thought to myself. She is almost done, she is bound to look up and acknowledge me. She completed her task and immediately walked into the back of the store. Not once did she look over and notice that I was standing there. I finally lost patience, went next door to the seven-eleven, and purchased a couple of pre-made sandwiches.

This made me think about an opportunity that both of us missed. Subway did not get my business nor did I get to enjoy a freshly made sandwich.

How many opportunities during a day do we miss? Yes, I was impatient and yes the clerk did not take the time to notice me waiting to be served. However, it simply would have taken one of us to make a small gesture for this encounter to have a different result.

I believe that life is full of opportunities. We first must recognize an opportunity when it comes along. Secondly, we must decide to take action.

These two simple steps might make the difference between a mediocre day and an amazing day!

Carpe Diem

“ Your Big Opportunity maybe right where you are now”

Napoleon Hill, American Author



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