My Saturday Morning Routine

My Saturday morning routine.

A typical Saturday morning means sleeping in a little longer.  Then, getting up and enjoying a leisurely breakfast overlooking my little lake.  Once the dishes are done the work begins.

I whip out the vacuum while my husband comes behind me and mops the floor.  Meanwhile, the laundry is started as I move through the house cleaning each room.

About halfway through my molly maid tasks, I start to tire. All of a sudden the vacuum becomes very hard to push. I imagine myself relaxing in my comfortable chair with a good book. I also start to feel resentful about how my chores are taking me away from something I enjoy.  I remember my mother who all through her life kept a spotless house. Never once did I hear her complain about doing housework. It was only in her later years that poor health did not allow her to keep up.

How lucky I am that I can still manage these tasks.  I know several people who have physical limitations that do not allow them to perform tasks that I take for granted.

The next time I am feeling resentful about my household responsibilities, I will be grateful for my health and energy.

Dusting my Grandmother’s clock.

Go ahead and grab the swifter, put on some Queen music and start cleaning! Be grateful for the exercise and the fact that you still have the physical ability to accomplish the job.

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