Nesting is not just for birds.


I finally had a weekend that I wasn’t committed to be anywhere or do anything.   Promptly, at five o’clock, I was out the door from work.  The first thing I did was drive home and have a glass of my favorite La Crema Chardonnay. I sat in my big easy chair, picked up my novel and let a workweek of stress melt away.

Saturday, my husband kept asking, if I wanted to go anywhere. Are you kidding me, I have a day to myself. No way!   I got busy.  Did the laundry and cleaned out my bathroom cupboards. This, of course, was before noon. Then, I went outside and cleaned and prepared my flowerbeds for winter, not to mention the outside windows that I washed.

Sunday, after a lovely breakfast, I drove to Fred Meyers and completed the weeks’  grocery shopping. Then, I went for a long walk. You would think it would be time to sit. On the contrary, I cleaned my entire interior windows and prepared a meatloaf dinner that would win any cooking contest.

Sitting in my easy chair at the end of my two days, I realized that how I spend my time is a choice. It has been several months since my schedule allowed me to have a few days at home. Just like a mother bird, I wanted to take this time to make my home cozy and comfy.

I did some research on human nesting. It is typical for an expectant mother who prepares her home in readiness for her newborn.  I believe that nesting goes beyond that. It is curious that several of my friends have had the same experience of wanting to nestle in and take care of their home. I think this instinct is natural for many people who have the need to connect to their source of shelter.

I feel good, I feel organized and I feel connected to my homestead. I would recommend that you try this “Nesting Practice”. No one complains about a clean house, tidy yard or a delicious dinner. This weekend had a positive impact on everyone.

Happy Nesting.

Sunday Night Dinner

Sunday Night Dinner




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