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Bombay Beach was Closed

Bombay Beach was Closed

I am the first to tell you that I simply love to be by the water. As much as I was enjoying the sunshine, palm trees and sitting by the pool, I was missing the calmness of looking over a large body of water.

“Let’s take a road trip,” my husband declared.

We all hopped in the car and took off to the Sultan Sea, the largest body of water in California. It would be a nice change from the desert setting of Palm Springs I thought. I had images of fancy restaurants and seaside strolls.  After all, we were going to sea, right?

As we drove near the coastline, I couldn’t help notice there were no “resort type “ towns. We drove into Bombay Beach, which consisted of a store, a bar, and several street blocks of abandoned mobile homes. I thought I was on the set of a post-apocalyptic movie. In addition, the beach was closed.

We drove on down the road still in the hopes of finding that perfect spot to enjoy. By now, I was getting hungry. We had lunch in a cute little restaurant in Niland. Nowhere near the water however and not exactly on the five-star best places to eat list.  Later on, I found out that it was the only restaurant in Niland.

By now, I realized what most people already know. (I probably would have too, if I had done my research.) The Sultan Sea is nothing but a dead sea. No fish, no boating, no resorts. The pollution in the water does not allow for any sort of water recreation.

That being said, the trip was not a total waste. We did experience the eclectic art of Salvation Mountain and did stop in at Tommy Bahamas for a real meal on the return trip.

Most importantly, I got to spend another day with the people I love most! My family!

What will the next adventure be?

Lots of abandoned buildings along the way.

Lots of abandoned buildings along the way.

My boys at Salvation Mountain

My boys at Salvation Mountain



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