Perceived Value

You cannot drive a truck without fuel.

A busy afternoon at the Costco gas station.

My husband and I often work opposite schedules and thus we appreciate a day spent together. On this particular Sunday, we enjoyed hanging out at Tacoma mall and going for lunch. We typically aren’t mall goers, but it was raining and I thought it was a good excuse to shop for some new dresses. The day was getting on and it was time to get going.

“I just want to stop at Costco and fill up my truck before we go home.” Gas is so much cheaper there,” my husband said.

By now I was tired and anxious to start dinner for my family that was coming over. How long could stopping for gas take? I thought to myself. After all, Costco is just around the corner.

When we arrived at the gas station, the line up was long. I mean seriously long with at least seven cars ahead of us. Everyone else had the same idea. As always, it seemed like we picked the slowest line. We started to make up names of the people ahead of us. Before we knew it, there was a young man named Scooter who was a millionaire and an older Grandpa Jones from Arizona ahead of us. We were laughing so hard that the time passed quickly.

The line always looks longer from behind.

When we finally pulled up to get our gas, a good half hour had passed. As we merged on to the freeway,  I asked my husband how much money we saved.

“ Three dollars and fifty-four cents,” he said with a smile and a wink.

I started to say something about how ridiculous it was to take all of this time to save only a few dollars.  It only took a few moments to realize that we actually gained much more than $3.54 in savings. So what if the wait was long at the pumps. We were enjoying each other’s company and making the most of our afternoon together.

Does everything have to be measured in time or dollars?

Just like the “Mastercard “ commercial states:

  1. Gas savings at Costco = $3.54
  2. Time Spent in Gas Line at Costco = 30 minutes
  3. Laughing with your partner…..priceless

I can’t wait for to see what we will do on our next day off together.








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