This week I have performed many tasks that I did not want to do.

It started on Monday. I was given a list of tenants to call who had not paid their rent. Those calls are never fun to make. Typically, I get a sincere apology OR a list of reasons why payment was not in on time. I  feel bad for those that are struggling to make ends meet.  However, we are a business with the expectation that people honor their commitments.  

 The past-due roster sat on my desk for a couple of hours. I returned phone calls, answered emails and reviewed expense reports. I did anything to avoid working my way through the list. Finally, time was running short and I could stall no longer. I picked up the phone and started to make the calls. Half an hour later I was finished with the next steps documented for my collections agent. 

For the last week, I have been carrying around my driver’s license renewal notice in my purse. My license was about to expire in the next few days.  I kept putting it off. Who wants to go and stand in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles? On Tuesday, I didn’t get out of the office before they closed.   I went early on Thursday only to find out they were closed most of the morning. On Friday, one of my co-workers pushed me out the door, as it was the day before it expired. It was a quick snap of a picture, a simple reading test and a transaction on my debit card for me to be on my way. I was in and out in under a half-hour. I drove away, pleased that I would be home in time for an early dinner. 

Procrastination is something every one struggles with .We delay taking care of a tasks for various reasons. It’s too hard. It makes me feel uncomfortable. It will take up too much time. On and on it goes. 

The reality is there is always some task or job that you do not want to do. In my case, if I am to run a successful business I need to collect monies owed. In addition, not having a valid driver’s license brings on an additional set of problems.

Looking back, it was not that difficult to make those collection calls. Furthermore, my short visit to the DMV resulted in a pleasant conversation with the agent as well as the ability to drive a car legally.

I encourage you to move past your desire to delay your task when its something you find difficult to do. Typically, it takes more time to procrastinate that it does to simply get the job done. There will always be a task that you do not want to do. Sometimes you simply have to get it done. 

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  1. Gary Worrell says:

    Well said. We all have tasks that we put off. When we do them, feels so good.

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