Salt Spring Island

Waiting for the ferry.

We spent part of our vacation in a lovely camping spot north of Victoria on Vancouver Island. The campsites were well treed and very spacious. It was the perfect place to relax and get a respite from my hectic work life in the states.

We were literally a hop, skip and a jump from Salt Spring Island. There was a big sign by the ferry terminal stating that is was “Canada’s Hawaii”. Off we went on a scenic ferry ride. At times, it looked like the mountains came right out of the sea.

The mountains come out of the sea

The ferry ride was truly the highlight of the trip. We walked around the main shopping area of the island, only to find that the stores were full of overpriced clothing that I could find for a fraction of the price in the mall close to my home. In addition, the two glasses of cider we enjoyed were good but were they worth the $17.00(CDN) I paid for them?

My “ah ha” moment, came on the return trip. I was hot and tired from traipsing around the shopping village. My inherent need to shop took over from me simply enjoying the stunning coastline of the island.

“Why did I do this? “, I asked myself.

I think I would have enjoyed the day more if I would have taken a good book and sat on the beach and watched sailboats float by.

For the next get-away, I promised myself that I would take more time to appreciate my natural surroundings. Being on vacation doesn’t mean I have to follow what the typical tourists do. I will slow down, relax and enjoy my time away.

I hope you will do the same.






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