Shared Passages Shared Bonds

This past couple of weeks has been pretty frantic. My emotions have gone through the full range from feeling very low to the wonderful high point of excitement and happiness.

It started with the second anniversary of my Mom’s passing. I woke up that Tuesday morning thinking of that day. I will never forget the extreme sorrow that I experienced, even though I knew that her suffering had ended. I reached out to my brother who sent me a comforting text. That evening a good friend called to ask me how I was doing. She had lost her mom about a month before I did.

The joy of love

The following weekend, we spent the day with my youngest son and fiancée. We had a wonderful time planning the upcoming wedding.  We toured the church, looked at the reception hall and booked the rehearsal dinner. Their excitement and love for each other are infectious.

The next day, we visited our longtime friends. They were taking turns sitting with their mom as she was in the final days of her fight against cancer. Caroline had spent many a holiday dinner at my house. Although it was sad, it was a privilege to say goodbye to her and be able to share this time with our friends. She passed a few days later.

The passages of life can be wonderful and exciting or extremely painful and full of grief.

When I recall my own life’s passages, there is one thing in common. It is not the wild range of emotions that they create, but the comfort of knowing there has always been a family member or dear friend that has shared them with me.

Several of my friends have shared more than one passage with me. For example, the birth of my first child, my son’s college graduation or the passing of my Mom. These are only a few of my life events. What has made my relationships with my “tribe” stronger is the fact that I have allowed them to comfort, support and cheer me on.  I have also had many opportunities to do the same for them.

I encourage you to reach out and share your life’s passages with someone

Whether you are the giver of support and comfort or the receiver, your family bonds and friendships will only get stronger.

My mom celebrating her birthday of 90 years.








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  1. Sue Bedford says:

    Thanks for this very thoughtful post Jan. Family and good friends do really make a difference through the highs and lows of life.

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