Shop till you Drop

When I was younger, I would think nothing of spending an entire Saturday at the mall.  I would always find an excuse to buy something new.  I would spend hours, often with my Mom or a good friend combing the sale racks at Woodward’s.  I had to find a blouse that was the right shade of pink to match the pants I bought the week before. 

Today, I found a gift card in my wallet that I had forgotten about. Suddenly, I had a good excuse to go down to the Outlet Mall not too far from my house. It was a rainy Saturday and it would be good exercise I told myself. 

I started to walk the big circle of the mall.  I went in and out of several of my favorite stores.  I tried on a pair of navy pants. I don’t need these I thought to myself.  I already have four pairs.   I picked up a black purse that was 70% off in the Coach store.  I don’t need a black purse I thought to myself.  I already have three different ones.   

Shop till you drop

This went on for about half an hour.  After walking two complete circles around the mall, I was getting tired and I had yet to purchase anything.  I plopped down in one of the oversized chairs in the middle of the mall.  This is silly I told myself.  It’s my day off, I’m tired and I have buckets of clothes I can wear.  What am I doing?  

My guilt was slowly turning into gratitude.   I began to feel thankful for all that I have.  I can only wear one blouse and one pair of slacks at a time.  My four closets are full of everything I would ever need. I also came to the realization that the money I was going to spend would take away from our long term savings goal. 

I left the mall and drove home. I settled in my comfy chair and looked around my cozy home.  I am lucky to have what I have.  I did not allow myself, although tempted, to fall into the trap of accumulating more things. 

Move out, Max. I want my feet up!

I’ll spend tomorrow filling a few bags for goodwill and counting my blessings.  

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