Stingy Bird



Living on our lake in Federal Way, we enjoy watching birds at the various feeders in our yard. Male-ruby-throated hummingbirds are especially gorgeous, and aggressive. We have seen a male hummingbird drive away all other hummers from the nectar. Once I put up a second feeder around the corner out of sight, hoping a few of the timid hummingbirds would be able to drink there while the stingy aggressor guarded “his” feeder, But no! This bird spent all his time darting back and forth between the two feeders, warding off the other birds. Neither he nor any of the others was able to drink a drop.

How greedy this aggressive hummingbird is! I thought. Too bad he doesn’t understand that I will refill the feeder when the nectar gets low.

How often are we like the hummingbird in our lack of trust? Gift’s that we receive are to be shared. After this holiday season, my cupboards are full of food and items that may be better passed on to someone else. God will replenish our supply, just as I constantly refill the hummingbird feeders. But when we guard and hoard our treasures, all of us go hungry.

In the coming, New Year, let’s remember to be generous to others. Let us share our love, time and material possessions!

I will you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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