Stop asking the question “What if?”

It is extremely difficult not to be affected by what is going on in the world today.  The Covid-19 pandemic is top of mind.  The TV news coverage is round the clock.  It’s all over the internet and my social media notifications beep constantly on my phone when an update occurs. 

I fully understand the severity of the situation. People are getting infected at an alarming rate.   Adult children have been asked to stay away from their parents.   Grandparents cannot spend time with their grandchildren.  More importantly, some families have forever lost a member that was near and dear to them. We have been asked to limit our contact with others and “Stay in Place”.  This is in an effort to stop the spread of the virus. 

The other day I found myself spinning out of control.   I starting asking myself all sorts of “What if?” questions.  “What if my husband catches the virus?  What if my retirement stocks bottom out to nothing?  What if I never will be able to see my children again?  What if the lockdown goes on for years?   What if?  …. What if?…. You get the idea.

I realized this “what if path” I was on was not helping.  It was making me feel anxious and out of control.    None of my “What if?” questions have happened.  I do not know what the future holds. However, I do know what tasks and concerns are in front of me today.  

There is no argument that we are living in a time of great uncertainty. However, to follow down the “what if” garden trail will not make things better.  I need to tackle each day at a time. 

I know the “one day at a time “phrase has been used over and over.  Nonetheless, it is the only way to get through these times of adversity. 

Why worry about tomorrow when today is in front of you?
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