The More I have the more I want.

My favorite designer discount store.

My favorite designer discount store.

Shop till you drop

Shop till you drop.

I’m beginning to think that addiction covers much more than drugs, alcohol or gambling. I looked up various synonyms for addiction and came across words like habit, compulsion, dependence, need and even obsession.

Let me explain. I love to shop for clothes. I simply cannot resist a bargain. The other weekend I was proud of myself because I purchased two designer dresses, three blazers and a pair of pants for the grand sum of $80. I kept telling myself that it is important that I dress professionally.

As I was putting my newly acquired stash in my closet, I couldn’t help but notice that I had already two dresses the same color as the one I purchased. Furthermore, I found three additional black blazers in my closet. When is enough enough?

Did it bother me that I had four suits all in various shades of beige? Or, that I possess seven pairs of navy slacks? Heck No! I even found myself wishing that I should have purchased a white skirt to match one of my blazers.

There is a saying, “ The more you have the more you want.” I’ve never considered my self an addictive person, however; my wardrobe is expanding at an alarming rate.

If the size of my wardrobe is any indicator, one would say I have a problem.  That being said, I know that most of my girlfriends would say the same thing about their clothing closet.

The next time, I find myself at a 70% off blow out sale; I will take pause and ask myself if I really need it. I’ve heard professional organizers say for every outfit you buy you should give two away.

This will be good news for my local Goodwill store. Let’s see if I can stick to it. All I can do is try.





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