The Promise of a Rainbow

No two rainbows are alike

No two rainbows are alike

This picture does not reflect it's true beauty.

This picture does not reflect it’s true beauty.

I have enjoyed watching the ever-changing Maui seascape from my lanai this trip. On this particular morning, I have seen several different rainbows. There has been a series of small squalls blow through and thus the vivid color in the sky.

It’s been challenging to take pictures. As soon as I get my camera aligned to take the shot, the rainbow vanishes before my eyes. I get busy and when look up again a new rainbow appears. This pattern went on all morning.

Rainbows are a wonder of nature. I learned in Sunday school that they are a promise from God that he would never flood the entire earth again.

The question I have to ask is why does the rainbow keep re-appearing? Is it not enough to simply have it appear once?

The answer, as I see it, is that when we make a commitment, it is not enough to state it once. We humans are forgetful and need the constant reminder that something good has been assured to us. We need the frequent reminder, just like the many rainbows, that a promise will be kept.

Whatever it is that you commit or promise to – time, relationships or even a business deal, do not be afraid to re-state your intentions often. This will keep you focused and let the recipient of your promise know you are sincere.


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