The rate of time


After an extremely busy week, my husband and I decided it would be worth it to have some down time. We packed up our little RV and headed south to Mayfield Lake in Washington.

We carefully orchestrated our getaway. We purchased our groceries, gas and adult beverages on my way to work. As soon as I was done, we started driving down the I-5 corridor. My mind started to drift to all the things I was going to do. Imagine a couple of days of simply doing nothing!

We had a great few days of going for long walks, boating on the lake and making superb dinners.  I even started reading a novel. When my few days of doing nothing were almost over, I asked myself, “Where did the time go?”

As I think about all the busy days I have had this summer, they all have a common theme. Every hour simply flew by. There were days I didn’t even notice the clock on the wall telling me it was time to quit. It didn’t seem to matter what I did. From returning phone calls, financial meetings or simply sitting by the lake, the fact is that time went by at what seemed to be an accelerated rate.

My take away from this little getaway is this: Time goes by. I need to spend it doing things I enjoy. An hour equals an hour. Why not allow time for things that make you happy and fulfilled?

Hope to meet you out on the lake real soon.



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