Things over Experiences

With my family and Cool Bird at the Thunderbirds Game

This year I have made a conscious decision not to purchase “things” for myself or for my family. When I look around my home, it is full of stuff. How many coffee mugs, candle holders or silly stuffed bears do I need?

We typically once a year go through our things and give numerous boxes of items to goodwill. Then, we start collecting stuff only to go through the same procedure of donating it to charity once again. It is time to break this vicious cycle.

So far this year, we have enjoyed several hockey games, a trip to Palm Springs, numerous good meals with friends as well as a 70’s tribute concert. All of these experiences have given me the opportunity to create a memory with family and friends.

Every time I am tempted to buy another coffee mug, a baseball cap from the game or a stuffed replica of the cool bird mascot, I am going to stop and ask myself,

“Would it not be better just to enjoy the moment I am in?”

I will simply snap a picture using my I Phone and perhaps send it to a few of my friends. This is a reminder that experiences last far longer than things. In addition, my house will have less clutter and my pocketbook will be a little fatter.

How much stuff does one need?






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