Try Something New


This summer I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined a local Toastmasters club. I wanted to meet some new people and improve my speaking skills. At my first meeting, I was scared stiff that someone was going to ask me to stand up and speak. However, as each meeting progressed, I found myself at ease and participating with my fellow club members. Then, I was asked to give my first formal speech. I have been speaking in front of groups for years. This was different; I had a timed speech with a theme.

The evening of my speech arrived. I had all of my cue cards in order ready to go. I went up and delivered my talk. I was surprised at how easy it went. I could tell I had caught the audience’s attention. I finished my talk and waited for my evaluator’s comment.

She loved my speech but told me to throw away those cheat cards. Go for it she told me. They are only a crutch!

As I reflected on that evening, I realized that hardest part of trying something new is that first step. Once I took the leap, the rest fell into place. It was enjoyable and gave me a sense of accomplishment.

The next time you are asked to try something new, go for it. TAKE THAT FIRST STEP AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW!
You will be pleasantly surprised

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