Turn Jealousy into Inspiration

I spent most of the past month announcing my retirement to friends and colleagues. At least two of my co-workers responded by saying, “I’m jealous”. I know it was said in jest as a way of supporting my decision. However, I started to think about the times that I have been jealous of someone’s success or accomplishments.

Flowers of Appreciation

A few weeks, ago I had the privilege of having coffee with a successful real estate investor. Mark had numerous rental properties and was getting ready to put an offer on his first six-plex. He was knowledgeable and seemed to have the inside scoop on how to find a good deal. He was on track to meet his goal of an annual income well in the six-figure range.

When I was active in Toastmasters, Jenny always won the best speaker award. The cadence of her voice was full of high and low pitches that she used masterfully to keep your attention. Not once did she ever stall on her words or use any written notes. I found myself shrinking away when it was time to congratulate Jenny because of my own sense of discontent.

I know we all spend way too much time on the internet. Lately, I have found myself drawn to articles about “J. Lo.” There is always a new story on her latest fashion choice. What makes me the most envious is what great physical shape she is in. The stamina she demonstrates on stage is mind-boggling.

There will always be people in your life who will have more money than you or be able to communicate better than you. The news feed is full of beautiful women who have that trimmed body shape you have always longed for.

The most important issue is to find a way to deal with the green-eyed monster called envy. Rather than begrudge people their success and achievements, I need to turn these moments into inspiration. What can I learn from Mark to help me achieve my investing goals? What did Jenny do to prepare for an outstanding talk? What exercise and diet tips can I learn from “J. Lo”?

I need to turn moments of Jealously into Inspiration.


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4 Responses to Turn Jealousy into Inspiration

  1. Gary Worrell says:

    I love being retired though, at times, bored. Come visit us in Vegas. Congratulations.

    • janwieder says:

      I’m planning on taking a few long trips in the RV. That should help me unwind and figure out my next adventures.

  2. Sue Bedford says:

    Congratulations on your retirement and on your long and successful career! There will also be people who look at you and wish that they had your skills, your talent and your energy. You have undoubtedly been an inspiration to many younger career oriented persons who admire your acomplishments. They may not have the courage to tell you how much you have inspired them, but you have indeed been a role model.

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