Wash your Windows

A rare sunny day in the Pacific Northwest.

We live on a lovely little lake. I like to keep the windows sparkling clean so nothing comes between the view and myself. Most weekends, I take the Windex bottle, and a roll of paper towels and start cleaning. They don’t stay clean for more than a few days as the Pacific Northwest rain and wind are always beating down on them.

This morning, as I was once again performing my weekly window-cleaning chore, I found myself wondering what does this scheduled task represent. Is there a window in life (the non physical kind) that I need to keep clean in order to see clearly?

Did I mention that it was a Sunday morning and I was thinking about a good Sunday sermon?

What gets in the way of seeing clearly? An argument with your spouse? An unkind word to a co-worker? An attitude of entitlement? A stance that it is always somebody else’s problem?

I think everyone needs a weekly window cleaning that would remove any behavior that would not allow us to be our best self. My windows do not keep clean for long and then I have to start the vicious cycle of upkeep all over again. It’s the same with keeping our “life window” clean.  We need to frequently check in with ourselves to ensure that nothing is getting in the way. I always want to be able to view the world with truth, love, and kindness.

The geese are in plain view!








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  1. Gerry says:

    Love your blogs, Jan Wieder. ❤️

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