What am I like to live with?

This morning my husband and I had an argument about laundry.   Typically, Gerry starts the laundry on Friday and I finish the final few loads on Saturday morning.  When I opened up the washing machine, my white blouse was mixed with a red towel. 

“Whites, Lights and Darks” I hollered at him.  “ How hard is it?”

“ I’ve been doing laundry for years” he curtly replied.  “Maybe it’s time you do your own!”

Now, this is not a new discussion between us.  We have had the same heated debate for years.   I think a few times I have even posted instructions in the laundry room explaining how to sort laundry. 

I realize that most of us are spending a lot of time with our immediate family during this ” Stay home. Stay safe.” order. These are the people that are nearest and dearest to you.  Right? However, too much togetherness can be hard.  When spending twenty-four hours a day in close proximity with someone, issues are going to rise to the surface. 

I came to the realization that I have a part to play in this.  I have a choice in how I respond. I need to step outside of myself and ask that person, what is she like to live with?  Sometimes, I know I would not like the answer. 

I often find my dog PJ and my cat Max snoozing together in the corner of the kitchen. There is no typical cat and dog animosity in their relationship.  Simply, a calm coexistence as they live their animals lives out. 

PJ and Max chilling out.
PJ and Max chilling out

The next time I am confronted with the sudden emotion of anger, I need to step back and keep my emotions in check before I respond. I need to take a lesson from PJ and Max as they equitably share their space with one another.


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