What do you enjoy?

Does not have to be a large boat to enjoy the water!

Does not have to be a large boat to enjoy the water!


Over the past week, I have been on six boat cruises. Yes, six. I have been on a Washington State Ferry to Vashon Island and back. I have been on a mini-yacht around Commencement Bay and to Gig Harbor. I have been on a BC Ferry to Duke’s Point from Tsawwassen, British Columbia. Lastly, I have been on the Washington State Ferry from Sidney BC to Anacortes Washington.

Why all the boat rides you might ask? I simply love to be on the water. On each excursion, I experienced terrific scenery. At times I thought the mountains were rising out of the sea. All of my senses were engaged. From the sound of the waves crashing against the bow to the smell of the fresh salt air, I felt alive. The visual beauty of the shoreline and the taste of fresh fish from the catch of the day also created an appreciation for being at sea.

When I am on the water, I have a sense of peace and calmness. I find that my thoughts wander to what is good in my life – family, friends and a lovely home to come home to each night.   I relax and let my worries float to the shore. The conversations that I share with those who are with me are meaningful and insightful. How wonderful to find something I enjoy and that takes my stress away.

I encourage you to take time to find something you enjoy. For me, it’s being on the water. For some, it’s skiing or playing golf. Whatever it is, I know you will find happiness and peace by doing it.

Well, my little paddle boat on my lake is calling me. Who says ’s it has to be a large ferryboat?

Ahoy, my friends.


Beautiful Gig Harbor

Beautiful Gig Harbor


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  1. Susan Pethick says:

    Thank you, Jan. Lovely memories of our time together and a good reminder of the things that are truly important in life.⚓️

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