What is the one thing that gives you joy?

This weekend we spent some time camping along the Hood Canal. It was a comfortable 78 degrees. The beach was a step away from the front door of our RV. The calm water danced under the sun’s warm rays.  I spent all of my time sitting outside and taking in the ever-changing view of the tide.

Enjoying the sun on Hood Canal

I have a connection to the water. We live on a small lake. When it’s time go on vacation, I always pick a destination that has a view of the water. We have spent many a weekend camping on the shore of a local lake. In Hawaii, we stay in a condominium overlooking the sandy Kaanapali beach. I also love to storm watch on our winter trips out to Ocean Shores. Most of all, I love a boat ride. I’m up for a ferry ride or a boat cruise at any chance I get.  

I often wonder why I feel the need to be by the water. After all, I grew up in the prairies of Alberta. My dad traveled the world as a merchant marine. My grandfather had the same passion to be by the sea. He often spoke about his childhood home along the coast of England. 

Whatever the reason, being near water gives me joy. My troubles and stress seem to melt away the minute I get close to the ocean.   I can imagine myself quietly floating on the surface as my thoughts and breathing start to slow down. A feeling of calm washes over me.

A lovely morning along Hood Canal

I would recommend that you find the one thing that gives you joy. For me, it is being near water. For others, it can be the stunning presence of Mt. Rainier or seeing down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

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